Varicose veins Causes and Solutions (4 Solutions)

Varicose veins is an enlargement and rotation of the veins in the leg often. Veins return blood from foot to heart with the help of the muscles of the foot opposite gravity. There are valves in the veins prevent the return of blood to the opposite side, and the occurrence of varicose veins. These valves fail to prevent the blood from going down. Usually varicose veins in the surface to increase pressure on them. Often the problem aesthetic and sometimes the varicose veins especially when standing. The pressure increases in these veins. The presence of varicose veins in the legs is an accidental disease has certain causes and can be cure by medication or surgery. The presence of varicose veins in the painful and tired, and causes stress to the legs but not deformation.

Stages of varicose veins :

C0: Invisible and intangible.
C1: Retinal veins, a small expansion of blood vessels.
C2: It divided into two parts: varicose veins with disease symptoms such as pain, varicose veins without symptoms.
C3: the stage where the fluid collected.
C4: A stage in which the skin changes and pigmentation appears.

C5: a stage that combines previous stages, in addition to ulcers in the skin but ulcers are not active.
C6: a stage that combines previous stages in addition to active ulcers.

Treatment of varicose veins :

Treatment of varicose veins

Many patients who do not have symptoms and have no changes in the skin of the legs from ulcers or change in color treated by reassuring them. Do not require surgery, except in the case of patients who want to process for the cosmetic. Skin, ulceration, or bleeding of the skin as well as in cases of repeated varicose veins in the future; these things require surgical intervention and require the use of duplex ultrasound as well as varicose veins by injection. It recommends that patients with varicose veins not to lose weight permanently as well as avoid infection by eating fresh vegetables. Also advised to lift his legs on a pillow during sleep, avoid carrying heavy objects, massage the two men, and avoid standing for long periods and prevent the use of pills for varicose veins. One of the first methods of treatment, the most important: the use of compression elastic compression legs; it can be used in people who do not want to surgery, or until the date of the operation, or in elderly patients with diseases prevent the doctor from doing a process for them for fear of complications.

Socks :


The socks raise the pressure on the ankle to 30 mmHg and raise the knee pressure to 15 mmHg. These socks strictly forbidden to the area above the knee; they end up failing if placed above the knee.

Injection therapy :

Injection therapy

Injection therapy is a method called injection. A substance called sodium tetradecyl sulfate injected. This article destroys the endothelial membrane that surrounds the blood vein. Which then destroys and cures it. This reduces symptoms and improves the shape of the leg. This method used in simple and primitive cases it is not complex.

Surgical treatment :

Surgical treatment

In advanced and complex cases, we need surgical treatment. This method consists of two openings in the leg: the first at the top of the leg, and the second above the knee. The doctor removes the vein by an iron wire inserted from one of the openings and connected to the main vein and then remove from the leg by pulling it out of the other slot. Disadvantages of surgical intervention: the patient’s need for total anesthesia, postoperative pain, postoperative surgical leg marks, and postoperative recovery after a period of approximately one month. Currently, with scientific progress, laser or thermal radiation does operations. It is an interventional radiotherapy. It depends on the doctor identifying the affected vein using the sonar and the color Doppler. Then inserting a thin intravenous catheter into the ultrasound direction. The catheter is a precise device that sends out laser or heat frequency waves, causing the vein to be close and closed completely.

Laser operations :

Laser operations

Laser operations considered one of the most successful operations for this disease. The patient can walk and move immediately after the surgery. The success rate is very high and does not require total anesthesia. The patient can practice his activities and return to work within several days.

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